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Point Cloud Rendering System

Created: 2010

Czech title
Systém pro vykreslování mračna bodů
no - free

Particles, Point cloud, Phongs shading model, Hardware acceleration

The demo program realize progressive rendering of points of given model. Every point (with specific centre and normal vector in 3D space, size and material index) passes through the transformation and rendering pipeline. This can be divided into a number of partial steps: 
  • Transformation of points and normal vectors from 3D space into the 2D
  • Selection of particular shape of the particle from the table and evaluation of Phong shading model coefficients base on the normal vector direction
  • Encoding shape, position and shading model coefficients of particle into the instruction word
  • Execute given instruction - evaluation of illumination and rendering of particle into the frame buffer
Result of process described above is a scene containing well illuminated model. This scene is shown in the window of operating system. Moreover, the program can perform an animation. Then for each frame of such animation is rotated a camera in the transformation pipeline and particular scene is rendered. A current frame rate is printed out to the console.
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