Degree Programmes

Software Engineering

Full-Time 2 Years Title Awarded Ing.

In the field of Software Engineering you will become familiar with the theory, technologies and procedures used in the development of information systems. In addition to theory, you will learn to develop such systems using modern development tools, methods, and technologies. You will learn how to create Internet applications and applications in a distributed environment. After graduation you will be ready to design, operate and manage information systems. You will also be familiar with technologies and important standards used in project management and business support. Companies developing or running software systems - such as local government, military, education, healthcare, and all industry - will apply for you.

Information technology moves the world

  • 79%

    students gain practical experience

  • 98%

    students successfully pass the State Final Examination

  • 99%

    graduates find work in the month

  • 40 938 Kč

    is the average starting salary for graduates

Compulsory courses of specialization

These courses are the bare minimum of what you should know if you want to specialize in this field. Therefore, they are mandatory in this specialization. However, we also offer a number of other subjects relevant to your area of interest or suitably supplementing and expanding it. You can enroll in the optional courses.

They will pass on all their knowledge and hold you in difficult moments

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