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Cyberphysical Systems

Full-Time 2 Years Title Awarded Ing.

The Cyberphysical Systems specialization is, in spite of its multidisciplinary overlap, mainly a computer specialization, not a cybernetic specialization, as its name might suggest. The specialization itself focuses on the computer science aspects of cybernetic-physical systems, the context of tight system integration of computer control and monitoring algorithms with the Internet and its users, computing models and systems, including embedded computing systems themselves. Cyber-physical systems that connect computer software with physical components are becoming an increasingly common part of our daily lives. Automotive, medical and aerospace applications represent only a small part of the ongoing interaction between automated and intelligent machines and people. The specialization will present not only the design space of the Cyber-Physical Systems, but also compromises resulting from the necessary requirements for their safety and reliability. Specialization is guaranteed and the key CPS course taught by doc. Peter Chudý, principal investigator of a number of research and industrial projects in the aviation and automotive industries.

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  • 79%

    students gain practical experience

  • 98%

    students successfully pass the State Final Examination

  • 99%

    graduates find work in the month

  • 40 938 Kč

    is the average starting salary for graduates

1st Year

After completing the courses of the compulsory theoretical basis in the first semester of the first year, from the second semester you can profile yourself in the Cyberphysical Systems specialization by your selection of thematic courses. Attractive projects that will accompany your studies will focus on active creative work with creative overlap, within which you design and implement a selected Cyberphysical system.

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