Field of Study Details

Information Technology

Abbreviation: BIT

Length of Study: 3 years

Min. Credits: 180

Degree Programme: Information Technology

Language of Instruction: Czech

Form of Study: full-time

Accredited from: 2002 Accredited till: 2024 Last admissions: 2019


The aim of the Information Technology Bachelor Degree Programme  is to prepare alumni who are able to act as designers, programmers, and servicemen of computer systems, digital systems, computer networks, computer-based systems and programmers and administrators of database systems and information systems.

Key learning outcomes

Students will understand all the layers of the computer based systems including hardware (semiconductor components, logic networks, processors, peripheral devices), software (control and data structures, object orientation, programming languages, compilers, operating systems, databases), as well as their common applications (information systems, computer networks, artificial intelligence, computer graphics and multimedia). They will understand foundations of computer science (discrete mathematics, formal languages and their models, spectral analysis of signals, modelling and simulation). Graduates will be able to analyse, design, implement, test, and maintain common computer applications. They will be able to work efficiently in teams.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

Graduates usually work like analysts, designers, programmers, testers, and maintenance specialists for computer applications (e.g., information systems, web applications, mobile devices), digital systems, computer systems and computer networks.

Extent of the State Final Examinations

The State Final Examination has two parts: A defence of the Bachelor Thesis, and an oral colloquium. This oral colloquium is based on compulsory courses.

Examples of theses
  • Information System for Supporting the Third Age University Program
  • Evaluation of User Interfaces
  • Pseudocolours for Medicine Data Visualization
  • Software for GPS System Status Evaluation
  • Multiresolution Image Segmentation
  • Chip Card Program Verifier
  • Shape Modification for 2D Vector Models
  • Fractal Compression of One-Dimensional Signal
  • Interactive Visualization of Indoor Spaces
  • Dynamic Shadow Maps

Bachelor's theses are stored at the FIT library, Božetěchova 2, Brno. The list of the bachelor's theses, including the details is available at:

Choose academic year and curriculum

This study plan is for students that have started their studies in academic year 2015/2016 or later. Unlike the initial form of the study plan, the following changes are important for students:

  • As of academic year 2019/20, IDA - Discrete Mathematics course isn't opened and was instead replaced with IDM - Discrete Mathematics and ILG - Linear Algebra courses. Students that haven't completed the IDA course are obliged to enroll in both replacement courses - IDM and ILG - at the earliest opportunity. Students that have completed the IDA course cannot enroll in either of the replacement courses.
  • As of academic year 2019/20, IMA - Mathematical Analysis course isn't opened and was instead replaced with IMA1 - Mathematical Analysis 1 (as of academic year 2019/20) and IMA2 - Mathematical Analysis 2 (opened from academic year 2020/21) courses. Students that haven't completed the IMA course are obliged to enroll in both replacement courses - IMA1 and IMA2 - at the earliest opportunity. Students that have completed the IMA course cannot enroll in either of the replacement courses.
  • As of academic year 2020/21, INM - Numerical Methods and Probability course isn't opened and was instead replaced with IPT - Probability and Statistics course. Students that haven't completed the INM course are obliged to enroll in the replacement course - IPT - at the earliest opportunity. Students that have completed the INM course cannot enroll in the replacement course.
  • Failing to complete either of the three courses mentioned above does not count towards the option to repeat the replacement compulsory courses.
  • A student must first enroll in the compulsory and compulsory-elective courses they have to repeat. Then the student can enroll in compulsory and compulsory-elective courses for that given year. And only after that can the student enroll in elective courses. If a student does not enroll in all compulsory and compulsory-elective courses (with the exception of ITT - Term Thesis and IBT - Bachelor's Thesis courses), they can enroll in at most one elective course in that semester.

    As of academic year 2018/19, students of the 3rd year can submit an application to enroll in up to three any courses from the master's study programme. These courses will be treated as elective courses during bachelor's studies. Applications can be submitted at the "Study - Administrative procedures" section of FIT IS and will be reviewed with students' study results taken into consideration.

1st year of study, winter semester

IDMDiscrete Mathematics5CCr+ExFIT
IELElectronics for Information Technology6CCr+ExFIT
ILGLinear Algebra5CCr+ExFIT
IUSIntroduction to Software Engineering5CCr+ExFIT
IZPIntroduction to Programming Systems7CCr+ExFIT
1AHS-LApplied game studies – research and design3EExFaVU
1CU20st-ZCzech Art Between 1900–1945 in Contexts3EExFaVU
1DS-ZDigital Sculpture - 3D print 12ECrFaVU
1HS-ZGame Studies3EExFaVU
1ODI-Z3D Optical digitalization 12ECrFaVU
ACHE20Architecture of the 20th century3EExFaVU
ATGDGraphic design topics of today2ECrFaVU
BPC-DSYTax System of the Czech Republic2EClCrFEKT
BPC-ELSAElectrical Engineering Tutorial2ECrFEKT
BPC-FY1BPhysics 16ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-FYEPhysics in Electrical Engineering5ECr+ExFEKT
DEDE1-ZHistory of Design 1 - winter3EExFaVU
DEDE2-ZHistory of Design 2 - winter *)3EExFaVU
DKFI-ZThe History and Context of Photography 13EExFaVU
FITHistory and Philosophy of Technology3ECrFIT
HKOCommunication and Presentation Skills3ECrFIT
HVRLeadership and Time Management3ECrFIT
IFSSeminar of Physics2ECrFIT
ISMSeminar of Mathematics2ECrFIT
IVGInformation Education and Literacy1ECrFIT
KPO-ZPorn studies3EExFaVU
PRMFundamentals of Law3ECrFIT
VSDH1Visual Digital Game Styles 12ECrFaVU
XPC-POMManagement Minimum4ECrFEKT

1st year of study, summer semester

IMA1Calculus 14CCr+ExFIT
INCDigital Systems Design5CCr+ExFIT
IOSOperating Systems5CCr+ExFIT
ISUMachine Level Programming6CCr+ExFIT
AITEnglish for IT3CEACr+ExFIT
BAN1Headway Pre-Intermediate 1 *)3CEACr+ExFIT
BAN2Headway Pre-Intermediate 23CEACr+ExFIT
BAN3New Headway Intermediate 13CEACr+ExFIT
BAN4New Headway Intermediate 23CEACr+ExFIT
BPC-PA4Practical English 45CEAExFEKT
0MSMathematical Software3ECrFSI
0MVCalculus with MAPLE2ECrFSI
1CU20st-LCzech Art Between 1945–1990 in Contexts3EExFaVU
1DS-2Digital sculpture - 3D print 22ECrFaVU
1KADH-LDigital Games Critical Analyses3EExFaVU
CNCCNC Machining / Robots in Artistic Practice3ECrFaVU
DEDE1-LHistory of Design 1 - summer3EExFaVU
DEDE2-LHistory of Design 2 - summer *)3EExFaVU
DKFII-LThe History and Context of Photography 23EExFaVU
FIKPhilosophy and the Culture3ECrFIT
HKOCommunication and Presentation Skills3ECrFIT
HVRLeadership and Time Management3ECrFIT
IJCThe C Programming Language5EExFIT
IMKMechanics and Acoustics6EClCrFIT
ISJScripting Languages5EExFIT
ITWWeb Design5EClCrFIT
ITYTypography and Publishing4EClCrFIT
IVSPractical Aspects of Software Design5EClCrFIT
PLABPodnikatelská laboratoř4EClCrFP
PRMFundamentals of Law3ECrFIT
T1FComputer Physics I3EClCrFSI
VSDH2Visual Digital Game Styles 22ECrFaVU

2nd year of study, winter semester

IFJFormal Languages and Compilers5CCr+ExFIT
IMA2Calculus 24CCr+ExFIT
INPDesign of Computer Systems6CCr+ExFIT
IPTProbability and Statistics5CCr+ExFIT
ISSSignals and Systems6CExFIT
AITEnglish for IT3CEACr+ExFIT
BAN1Headway Pre-Intermediate 1 *)3CEACr+ExFIT
BAN2Headway Pre-Intermediate 2 *)3CEACr+ExFIT
BAN3English 3: Intermediate 13CEACr+ExFIT
BAN4English for Bachelors - Intermediate 23CEACr+ExFIT
1ZHERVIntroduction to Game Development4EClCrFaVU
AEUEnglish for Europe3ECr+ExFIT
BPC-AE1Analog Electronics 17ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-ANAAnalog Technology6ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-ELAElectroacoustics 16ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-NRPDesign and Fabrication of Electronic Instruments6ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-PDSDesign of Data Networks5ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-RBMRobotics and Robotic Manipulators4ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-UMIIntroduction to Medical Informatics5ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-VPASelected parts from mathematics I.5EExFEKT
BPC-ZSYSecurity Systems5ECr+ExFEKT
DMSMDigital Marketing and Social Media5EClCrFP
FCEEnglish: Practical Course of Business Conversation and Presentation3ECrFIT
FIKPhilosophy and the Culture *)3ECrFIT
I1CNetwork Cabling and Routing (CCNA1+CCNA2)4EClCrFIT
IIPDEngineering Pedagogy and Didactics5EExFIT
IKPTCulture of Speech and the Generation of Texts5ECrFIT
ILIAdvanced Topics of Linux Administration4EClCrFIT
IMFMathematical Foundations of Fuzzy Logic5EClCrFIT
INIIT Service Design and Implementation4EClCrFIT
IP1Project Practice 15EClCrFIT
IPSProgramming Seminar2ECrFIT
IPSOEducational Psychology5EExFIT
IPZPeripheral Devices *)3EExFIT
IW1Microsoft Windows Desktop Systems5ECr+ExFIT
IW5Programming .NET and C#5EClCrFIT
IZEPCorporate Economy4ECr+ExFIT
IfmiPFinancial Management for Informatics3EClCrFP
JA3Conversation through Hot Current Issues3ECr+ExFIT
JS1Spanish for Beginners 1/23ECrFIT
RdpPSmall And Medium-Sized Enterprises4EClCrFP
T2FComputer Physics II3EClCrFSI
ZPXProfessional Practice, Abroad5ECrFIT
ftPFinancial Markets6ECr+ExFP
mak1PMacroeconomics 16ECr+ExFP

2nd year of study, summer semester

IDSDatabase Systems5CCr+ExFIT
IPKComputer Communications and Networks4CCr+ExFIT
IPPPrinciples of Programming Languages5CCr+ExFIT
IZGComputer Graphics Principles6CCr+ExFIT
IZUFundamentals of Artificial Intelligence4CCr+ExFIT
ICPThe C++ Programming Language4CETCrFIT
ICSThe C# Programming Language4CETClCrFIT
IJAJava Programming Language4CETCrFIT
0MRMobile Robots5ECrFSI
AEUEnglish for Europe3ECr+ExFIT
BPC-AE2Analog Electronics 26ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-AUDAudio Electronics5ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-IOTCommunication Systems for IoT5ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-MA2AMathematics 26ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-MOLIntroduction to Molecular Biology and Genetics5ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-NE2Foreign Language 2 (German)3ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-PPKComputer aided Design6EClCrFEKT
BPC-PRPRobotics and Computer Vision7ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-PSMPrinted Circuits and Surface Mount Technology5ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-RU2Foreign Language 2 (Russian)3ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-VPMSelected parts from mathematics II.5EExFEKT
BPC-ZSLMedical Imaging Systems5ECr+ExFEKT
BPC-ZSWAudio Software2ECrFEKT
FITHistory and Philosophy of Technology *)3ECrFIT
HDSTax System7ECr+ExFSI
I2CLAN Switching, Accessing the WAN (CCNA3+4)4EClCrFIT
IAMAdvanced Mathematics5EClCrFIT
IANBinary Code Analysis4EClCrFIT
IBSSecurity and Computer Networks4ECr+ExFIT
IIPDEngineering Pedagogy and Didactics5EExFIT
IIZIBM zSeries Servers5EClCrFIT
IKPTCulture of Speech and the Generation of Texts5ECrFIT
IP2Project Practice 25EClCrFIT
IPAAdvanced Assembly Languages *)5EExFIT
IPSOEducational Psychology5EExFIT
ITPPersonal Computers *)4EExFIT
ITSTesting and Dynamic Analysis5ECr+ExFIT
IW2Microsoft Windows Server Systems5ECr+ExFIT
IZAProgramming Apple Devices5EExFIT
IZMARudiments of Marketing5ECr+ExFIT
JA3Conversation through Hot Current Issues3ECr+ExFIT
JS2Spanish for Beginners 2/23ECr+ExFIT
PRISPrávo informačních systémů5EExFP
ZFIBasic Elements of Financing6ECr+ExFP
ZPXProfessional Practice, Abroad5ECrFIT
fapPFinancial Analysis and Planning5ECr+ExFP
mik1PMicroeconomics 16ECr+ExFP

3rd year of study, winter semester

IISInformation Systems4CCr+ExFIT
IMPMicroprocessors and Embedded Systems6CCr+ExFIT
IMSModelling and Simulation5CCr+ExFIT
ISANetwork Applications and Network Administration5CCr+ExFIT
ITTTerm Thesis5CCrFIT
ITUUser Interface Programming5CClCrFIT
BPC-RR1Control Theory 17ECr+ExFEKT
IP3Project Practice 35EClCrFIT
IZVData Analysis and Visualization in Python4EClCrFIT

3rd year of study, summer semester

IBTBachelor's Thesis13CCrFIT
BPC-RR2Control Theory 26ECr+ExFEKT
IMUMultimedia Transmission over IP Networks *)4EClCrFIT
Course is not open in this academic year
Compl: Course completion: Ex - examination, Cr - credit, ClCr - classified credit, Co - colloquium
Duty: C - compulsory, CEx - compulsory-elective group x, R - recommended, E - elective

Compulsory-elective groups

AbbrvMin. coursesMax. coursesMin.credOver asCoursesTitle
A1-41-4BAN4EAIT, BAN1, BAN2, BAN3, BAN4, BPC-PA4English
T194EICP, ICS, IJA, IVHTechnical course
If you are allowed to enroll more CE courses than the required minimum, then successfully completed courses that exceed Min. courses (or Min.cred, if not 0) of the CE group, will be assigned as courses of duty Over as.
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