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Monitorování mobilních aplikací pomocí otisků TLS

Master's Thesis Student: Kočí Jan Academic Year: 2021/2022 Supervisor: Matoušek Petr, doc. Ing., Ph.D., M.A.
English title
Mobile Application Monitoring Using TLS Fingerprints

The main purpose of this thesis is to study the possibility of using TLS fingerprints for mobile application monitoring and apply these methods to monitor network flows created by the Flowmon probe. To create the fingerprints the JA3 and JA3S methods are used. Apart from the TLS fingerprints, the implemented classifier uses SNI values to classify input flows. First, a dataset containing fingerprints of selected applications is created. This dataset is used together with the implemented classifier to classify input flows. Following is a description of the proposed classification methods and the implemented classifier. The classifier is evaluated using the Accuracy, Precision and Recall evaluation metrics. Finally, the classifier is used in several experiments that demonstrate its possible applications.


TLS fingerprinting, JA3 fingerprints, JA3S fingerprints, mobile app monitoring, traffic monitoring, IPFIX, Flowmon probe.

Degree Programme
not defended
21 June 2022
Hanáček Petr, doc. Dr. Ing. (DITS FIT BUT), předseda
Drábek Vladimír, doc. Ing., CSc. (DCSY FIT BUT), člen
Holík Lukáš, doc. Mgr., Ph.D. (DITS FIT BUT), člen
Hrubý Martin, Ing., Ph.D. (DITS FIT BUT), člen
Očenášek Pavel, Mgr. Ing., Ph.D. (DIFS FIT BUT), člen
KOČÍ, Jan. Monitorování mobilních aplikací pomocí otisků TLS. Brno, 2022. Master's Thesis. Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology. 2022-06-21. Supervised by Matoušek Petr. Available from:
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