What's this about?

The Double Degree programme is a joint study programme of the University of Technology and a second foreign university, offered to BUT students in one of the specialisations of the Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence programme. The unique combination of courses from both institutions aims to deepen knowledge in the field of the programme.

The added value of the joint DD programme compared to the regular programme is:

  • deepening knowledge and competences in the field by studying at a partner university,
  • gaining different experiences and skills associated with living in another country,
  • preparation of a thesis under the guidance of supervisors from both institutions,
  • obtaining a diploma from a partner university within the same master's degree programme.

The necessary entry knowledge meets the requirements for admission to the Master of Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence (MITAI).

Conditions of graduation

In order to successfully complete your studies by obtaining two diplomas, the following conditions must be met:

  • Completion of the compulsory courses of the MITAI study program and the given specialization.
  • Completion of the required courses of the specialization/program of the foreign institution.
  • Obtaining a minimum of 120 credits, of which at least 60 at the BUT and 60 at an international institution.
  • Elaboration and defence of a diploma thesis in English.
  • Passing the State Final Examination at FIT BUT in the scope specified for the given study programme.
  • Fulfillment of the requirements for graduation according to the specific foreign institution.

In the event that a student fails to meet the requirements for studying at a foreign institution, it is still possible to complete the study of a given specialization at FIT. In this case, the completed courses from the partner university can be accepted as electives and their credits can be counted towards the Master's degree at FIT under standard conditions.

Offered DD programs

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