The best-known opportunity to spend part of your studies abroad or to take part in a practical internship by broadening your minds is the European Erasmus+ programme. For those who are interested in studying and going on internships abroad, we will organize an information meeting at the end of the calendar year. The students will receive detailed information about the possibilities of studying at partner universities of the FIT and about the selection procedure. For now, you can go through the presentation from previous meeting

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How to participate in the selection procedure

  • Dates

    Every student who is interested in Erasmus+ must go through a selection procedure, which is announced several times a year. Information about the current proceedings can be found on the website in the Foreign News and also on the Faculty Facebook page.

    Selection procedures are usually held on the following dates:

    For study stays:

    1. in December
    2. at the end of August and beginning of September


    1. in December
    2. at the end of February
    3. in May (including FIT Alumni)
    4. at the end of August and beginning of September
  • How can I register?

    In order to participate in the selection procedure, it is necessary to fill in the online application, which will be launched in the BUT intraportal after the announcement of the selection procedure, and to provide a certificate of English level.

  • How do I choose an institution?

    Browse the list of partner institutions, to see not only where you would like to go, but also the study possibilities and required language competences. As this information changes frequently, please check on the institution's website. We then recommend that you to choose at least 4 - 5 institutions, listed according to your priority. You can find more information about the programme HERE.

  • How do I choose an internship?

    If you are interested in an internship, it is up to you to to complete all the required materials well ahead of time. The traineeship application must include a Traineeship Agreement confirmed by the receiving and sending institutions. A traineeship can be done at a university or other educational institution or in a company, and there is no need for BUT to have a cooperation agreement with the institution providing the training. If you are unable to find an internship yourself, can help you. You can also go through the list of institutions, where FIT students have spent internships in the past. You can find more information about the programme HERE.

  • How is the selection procedure assessed?

    During the selection process, the study benefit and the level of language competence are assessed. If you have a language certificate (FCE, CAE, state language certificate), remember to submit it along with the application form. If you have passed an exam in English as part of your studies at BUT, enter the exam type and grade in the application form (the minimum required level is B1, i.e. BAN4). If you did not reach it and you feel that you have improved in the language, the Language Department at FAST offers applicants the option of testing to level B2 for a fee of CZK 500 - the applicant pays for the test. Please register primarily for the exam dates published at If you do not find a suitable date, contact M. Studenou by e-mail, we will request a date offer for several interested parties. Please do not request individual review dates, teachers do not have the time capacity for this!

  • How is the decision made?

    In the following days after the deadline for submitting the application, students in the studis will be sorted into their preferred institutions and will receive an e-mail with a request to confirm their destination. In case of dissatisfaction with the assigned institution, a change can be requested. Please use this sparingly - we always try to place students in the highest ranked institutions according to their preferences.

What does each student have to do before going?

  • 1. Let us know

    Did they choose you in the selection procedure? Great! Be sure to let the External Relations Office of the FIT know immediately and confirm that you are counting on the trip.

  • 2. Fill in the application form

    Visit the website of the institution you are planning to visit and find out the application deadline and what the application should contain. Some institutions occasionally require extra documents (such as a certificate stating that the student has the requisite language skills, a document showing proof of health insurance etc.), but it is always necessary to have:

    • Application Form ,
    • Learning Agreement or Traineeship Agreement (contract for study or work; there is a credit minimum - 18 credits/semester in the case of study courses and 11 credits/semester in the case of writing your bachelor´s or master's thesis),
    • Transcript of Records (list of courses passed at the FIT, written in English) – this will be issued by the Study Department.

    Remember to download the documents well ahead of time. You will usually find them on the website of the institution you are planning to visit, in their International Office or at the Erasmus Coordinator´s website. We will be happy to help you to find the right contact information. In exceptional cases, BUT forms for Study Stays and Internships can also be used.

    Make sure we sign all the documents you require from us and be sure to send them.

  • 3. Confirmed documents and financing agreement

    You will then receive a confirmed Learning Agreement from the partner institution. Deliver it (a scanned copy will suffice) to the External Relations Office of the FIT and to the Foreign Relations Department of the Rector´s Office.You must come to the Foreign Relations Department of the Rector's Office in person no later than 14 days before your departure in order to conclude a financial agreement.

  • 4. In the STUDIS

    In the STUDIS, you will have to submit a "Request for Cancellation of Courses related to Erasmus mobility". If you wish to stay in the enrolled course at the FIT, you must arrange an individual study plan by submitting an "Individual Study Plan Application" in the particular course in the STUDIS. You can maintain a maximum of 15 credits at the FIT during the semester. If you are considering the possibility of having a course in which you studied abroad being recognised as a compulsory course or compulsory elective course at the FIT we recommend consulting the course guarantor before leaving. Before you go, you can also apply to enroll in ZPX (Foreign Practice) in the value of 5 credits/semester using the "Application for Enrolment or Enrolment Cancellation".

What does each student have to do after returning?

  • 1. At FIT

    When you return from your stay abroad, rememeber to bring these important documents:

    • To the Study Department: the original Transcript of Records (ToR - a listing of courses completed abroad) and the report on a foreign internship (but only if you have enrolled in a ZPX course).
    • In STUDIS, submit a request for recognition of courses brought from abroad and attach a scan of the ToR.
    • To the External Relations Office of the FIT: a confirmed Learning Agreement, any appendix to it (a scan of these documents is sufficient) and a copy of the Transcript of Records.
  • 2. At the Foreign Relations Department (the Rector´s Office)

    Remember to return a copy of Transcript of Records and the original confirmation of the length of your stay abroad.

    Then, according to FRD's instructions, remember to complete an electronic report on your stay abroad.

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