I want to go for study stay, but I don't want to prolong my study

An internship at a university or company

You have to find the institution yourself, or you can use the ErasmusIntern.org internship search engine or look where FIT students have gone in the past.


  • Possibility of study stay without prolongation.
  • Possibility to study stay for a shorter period (minimum 2 months for Erasmus, can be shorter for freemovers).
  • Possibility of internship during the summer holidays.
  • Testing your own independence and ability to secure an internship.


  • Less opportunity for social activities with foreign students due to the period and type of trip.
  • Possible isolation in the lab.

Study stays

Preparation of a thesis abroad

A study stay in the final year of a Bachelor's or Master's degree, usually for the summer term as part of the study to write a thesis. You need to choose a school where they deal with the areas in which you are interested in writing a thesis. It is advisable to choose from the topics offered by your international partner and not to insist on a topic of your own (a custom topic is possible if it is agreed as part of a collaboration between academics from the sending and receiving institutions).

Some universities may require a year-long stay for thesis work, but this should always be checked.


  • Possibility of study stay without prolongation.


  • Less opportunity to engage with the international community than when studying courses.
  • It is necessary to plan well in advance (at least 1 year) and to arrange a final thesis assignment for a semester project corresponding to the topic of the final thesis at FIT (it is not absolutely necessary, but it saves time and work). The IBT course enrolled at FIT will be replaced by a foreign course for recognition.

Study abroad - 1 semester or full year

This type of mobility can also be carried out without prolonging your studies, but it is necessary to choose a foreign school where it is possible to find equivalents to the courses that are compulsory/compulsory-elective at FIT at the time of departure. You can take inspiration for example from list of courses, which have been recognised as C/CE at FIT and where the institutions from which they have been imported are also listed.


  • Possibility of study stay without prolongation.


  • You need to choose your school carefully (see FAQ "How to choose a foreign university").
  • You have to expect a big study commitment and less space to enjoy your stay abroad to the fullest (social activities, travel).


A course from a foreign trip can also be recognized as a compulsory or compulsory elective course in which the student previously failed at FIT.

It can be assumed that you will not find all required courses in a given semester; missing C/CE courses can be studied remotely at FIT on the basis of an individual study plan.

Limitations: For such "remotely" studied courses there is a limit of 15 credits per semester.

Another option is to "pre-study" some C/CE subjects. E.g. enrol in the summer semester of the 1st year of the Bachelor's degree:

  1. IZG - if the grade for the IZP course in 1st semester is D or better.
  2. IVH (VHDL Seminar) (CET - compulsory-elective technical course).
  3. IJA (you need to apply in IS and there will be missing prerequisites, so it will be a bit more challenging).
  4. ICS - similar to option c) (course IJA), but there is an even more demanding project.
  5. You can apply for an exemption and enroll in any of the IPP, IDS, IZU and IPK courses, but the prerequisites will be missing and studying these courses will be significantly more challenging.

In the summer semester of the 3rd year of Bachelor's studies you can enrol:

  1. any C/CE course from the 1st year of the Master's degree and travel in the summer semester of the 1st year of the Master's study.

Study Abroad without Prolongation of Studies - examples

Example 1

The student went in the summer semester of the 2nd year of Bc. study at Kaunas University of Technology. He was remotely studying IZU at FIT. Abroad he studied DABx, GPRx, PRJx and IARx. Before departure, he checked the compatibility of the selected courses with the course tutors at FIT (see FAQ), and after his arrival, DABx, GPRx, PRJx were recognized as C/CE courses IDS, IZG, IJA and IARx as an elective.

Example 2

The student went to stay in the summer semester of the 2nd year of Bc. study at Bangor University. He studied IZU and IZG courses at FIT remotely, and studied CONx, JATx, IPCx, OPRx and WEPx courses abroad, which were recognized as electives upon his arrival at FIT.

Example 3

The student went on the stay in the 2nd year of Bc. studies for a full year at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, where he worked on his bachelor thesis. He studied individually at FIT the subjects INM-Z, IFJ-Z, INP-Z, IPK, IDS, IPP.

I want to go for study stay and prolong my study

Want to go abroad for two semesters?

In this case, you can choose from all of the above options - practical internship, writing a thesis or studying courses, combinations are also possible (studying courses + writing a thesis, there is also the possibility to combine the study stay and continue with a practical internship). If you choose this option, you will be able to enjoy your stay abroad in addition to your studies.

Options on how to do it

Option 1

During the 3 years you will properly study all C/CE subjects and write a bachelor thesis, however, in the summer semester of the 3rd year you will cancel the bachelor thesis and take the 4th year of the Bc. study. You will plan a trip and study completely arbitrary subjects abroad. These will, of course, be recognised as electives (i.e. they will appear on your "Diploma Supplement"). At the same time, you need to be arranged with your supervisor to re-write the same bachelor's thesis assignment in your 4th year for final submission.

Option 2

To travel for the summer term in the 3rd year of the Bc. study and winter semester in the 4th year of Bc. study and complete the bachelor thesis in the summer semester of the 4th year.

Want to go abroad for one semester and be back at FIT for the second semester?

This is also possible. For example, it is possible to travel for the winter semester of the 4th year and complete and defend the bachelor thesis in the summer semester or to travel for the summer semester of the 3rd year and request to enrol in any courses from the Master's study and be back at FIT in the summer, having enrolled in the Bachelor's thesis (and e.g. other courses from the Master's study).

I'm prolonging my studies

At any time, for a variety of reasons, you may find yourself having to extend your studies. This situation can ideally be used to go abroad. If this situation arises in the period before the regular Erasmus selection procedure (December/January or August/September), you will apply properly. In case you need to go earlier or are limited by the period you can go, contact the External Relations Department to discuss your options - e.g. practical placements or freemovers.


The student failed in a compulsory course in the winter semester of the 3rd year of Bc. study (e.g. ISA, ITU, IMS), will work on the Bc thesis in the summer semester but will not submit it. He/she will apply for the Erasmus selection procedure. In the following winter semester he/she will study the missing compulsory subjects at FIT and will travel to the summer semester of the 4th year. He/she will be enrolled at FIT for his/her bachelor thesis. He/she can study practically anything abroad, everything will be recognized as an elective. Upon his/her return, he/she will submit and defend his/her bachelor's thesis and pass the state final exam.

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