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Invention practice/demo session

Místo konání
room A218, CZ

Would you like to be paid to invent? A new market opportunity exists, where companies try to get technological innovation from the outside, and are willing to pay for it. Xinova (watch the clip in has created a global innovator network and members can try to solve problems outlined by Xinova on behalf of companies with business and technical challenges. The way this innovation market works is that if your solution is selected you get paid a fixed, known in advance, amount of $10000 per idea plus some share of the upside if the solution is commercialised.


In this session I will first explain one of the problems that Xinova has which a company is looking for a solution for. In this case it will be how to create new value for highly connected cars. We will then break into groups, each group will brainstorm with my help, and hopefully, after the session will write a solution report and submit it. Optimal groups are 3-4 people but individuals or larger groups are certainly possible. You can create the group ahead of time, or during the session, or just go at it yourself.

This invitation is both to students, mostly 3-4 year that already have some technical background, grad students, professors and to seasoned professionals. The facilitator of the session has already sold more than 50 solutions in that market, created more than 200 for direct customers, and teaches courses on how to get value out of ideas.

If you plan to come to this session, please come first to one of the lectures on Tuesday or Wednesday by Dr. Shmuel Ur. During the session, light refreshments (pizza-like) will be offered.

The event takes place on Wednesday, October 10, 2018, in A218 from 17:00 to 19:00.