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Přednášky zvaných hostů z Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazílie

Místo konání
FIT VUT, Božetěchova 2, 612 00 Brno, CZ

Ve středu 22. 6. se od 13:00 - 15:00 v místnosti G108 uskuteční přednášky našich vážených hostů z Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazílie. Jste na ně srdečně zvání: 


13:00 Gustavo Garcia Otto:

Title: Weigh-in-Motion new approach to reduce vehicle dynamics uncertainties.

Abstract: This presentation Information processing of WIM sensors combined with low-cost sensors to reducing the vehicle dynamics uncertainties during high-speed WIM measurements. The research conducted proposed a method of treating WIM sensors response data, that can consider the viscoelastic and temperature behavior of bituminous materials to improve the accuracy of the WIM systems. As a result, an Electro-Mechanical (EM) model proposed in this research to represent any WIM sensors as a function of pavement behavior, temperature, and loading. The final approach to reduce vehicle dynamics uncertainties consider a method of correction of axle load dynamic effect based on low-cost sensors array. The sensors are installed on the pavement surface next, and around, to the WIM systems and allow to correct the variations of the dynamic force as the heavy vehicles travels over the WIM directly on the road.


14:00 Valter Zanela Tani:

Title: Application of computer vision in the assessment of road safety and pavement surface condition.

Abstract: This presentation considers computer vision applied to carry out the assessment of road safety conditions and the surface pavement condition as well as the road inventory for maintenance purpose. Today image recording equipment is more powerful with higher resolution and storage capacity than before, followed by the advances on image treatment methods using intelligent algorithm. In this presentation, some aspects of the ROR and Stars software developed by the Transport and Logistics Laboratory of the Federal University of Santa Catarina are discussed. The ROR software was developed to meet the demand of the authority responsible for managing the federal road network in Brazil regarding the survey of the surface conditions of the pavement and the road inventory purpose. The Stars software was developed to aim the road survey and process coding the attributes of the road in iRAP methodology, using computer vision for assess the road safety conditions from the perspective of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles occupants.